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HyperCam 3 with Crack Free Download

HyperCam is screen cast and editing tool that is low-cost smart and easy to use piece of software. It is intended to record screen actions, video and sound being played back on PC and edit captured files. Creating video presentations, tutorials, movies or games recording for professional purposes or just for fun are simple tasks with HyperCam. HyperCam captures cursor movements, menus selections, windows popping up, and everything else you see on the screen. Allow you to pan the recorded area around the screen. Optionally annotates recorded movies with text. Fast and lossless trimming and joining output files gets available with HyperCam Media Editor.
Features: - Saving the records as .AVI, WMV or ASF files. - The built-in Media Editor. - Hotkeys to start, to pause, to stop recording and to take snapshots. - Easy area selection. Panning mode: the capture area follows the cursor. - Optional pop-up text boxes. - Optional sound recording. Ability to disable cursor recording. Ability to grab video in overlay mode. - Recording and mixing two audio channels: a microphone and system audio (useful for internet calls recording ) - Implemented adjustable audio time shift feature, to fix 'out of sync' problem. - Now a border follows a moving window in 'Select Window' mode. - Implemented drag and drop feature for 'Recent Records' window. Detection of necessary - DirectX and Windows Media runtime while installing. Localization into Russian language. - Possibility to set the speed of recording and playback. - Support Windows Media audio codecs that helps to improve sound recording. - Support HuffYUV and Lagarith codec that helps to get more high quality records. The main advantages of HyperCam 3 over HyperCam 2: - Able to record Skype video and audio calls - New skinned user-friendly interface. - Able to grab video in overlay mode. - Able to edit captured video with HyperCam Media Editor. - Able to encode captured sound. Useful, tiny HyperCam tray tool-bar. Visual managing by recently recorded clips. - Ability to choose audio channel.

What's new in this version: Version 3.4 adds the following new features:

    Skype session capturing for Windows Vista and higher ( Recording an audio capture device along with system audio);
    Sound level indicator;
    Displaying multiple microphones in audio popup menu;
    HyperCam Media Editor: updated interface;
    HyperCam Media Editor: thumbnails generation feature and time format switching(time / time and frames).

HyperCam 3 - is a new version of the famous HyperCam 2, being jointly developed with Hyperionics LLC. It is an advanced utility for capturing screen actions and saving them as .AVI, WMV/ASF files. HyperCam may be used for grabbing a movie or game, for recording Skype calls, it has also been acknowledged as an excellent tool for creating video presentations, tutorials or demo-clips. Stylish, intuitive and user-friendly interface, pre-defined hot-keys for recording actions, built-in video editor, comprehensive text notes workflow, various settings, command line interface, the ability to install on the portable device, small installation size and more than affordable price - that is what makes HyperCam 3 a must-have tool.

The main advantages of HyperCam 3 over HyperCam 2:

- able to record Skype video and audio calls
- new skinned user-friendly interface
- able to grab video in overlay mode
- able to edit captured video with HyperCam Media Editor
- able to encode captured sound
- usefull, tiny HyperCam tray tool-bar
- visual managing by recently recorded clips

  • Saving captured data to AVI, WMV/ASF files
  • Encoding video/audio with codecs presented on PC
  • Editing captured AVI files with K-Frame accuracy (trim and join)
  • Editing captured WMV/ASF files with Frame accuracy (trim and join)
  • Recording and mixing two audio channels: a microphone and system audio (useful for internet calls recording )
  • Comprehensive screen notes workflow
  • Can be used on portable storage devices like USB Sticks

System Requirements

- Windows XP / 2000 / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7 operational system
- DirectX 8.0 Runtime or higher

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